August 2, 2022, Guilin, China — FeiyuTech, a leader in video stabilization technology, posted videos that show how to use the new SCORP-Mini gimbal made for use with all four popular types of cameras: mirrorless, compact, smartphones, and action cams for smooth, professional studio quality video every time. The SCORP-Mini is targeted for social media, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, and short video creators who like the ability to use a mix of different cameras and smartphones for filming, including action cameras, such as GoPros.

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Easy to Install & Balance – Integrates Lifting & Holding – 30% Increase in Response Speed

The SCORP-Mini is fast and easy to install and balance. Its new advanced features include an upgraded W9 Stabilization Control Algorithm with optimized Control Logic for a 30% increase in response speed, optimized Pose Estimation Algorithm with five times improved posture accuracy while in motion, and a 1.3-inch OLED screen with 240×240 resolution for smooth, high-quality images. The gimbal’s gyroscope has constant temperature controls ensuring perfect performance even during extreme temperature variations.

The SCORP-Mini continues the design theme of the best-selling FeiyuTech SCORP gimbal line with an ergonomic light-weight T-shaped handle designed to comfortably fit the palm of the hand and an integrated suspension handle for low-angle shooting. Feature rich, but compact enough to fit into a backpack, the SCORP-Mini is compatible with the most popular devices for short video creation. In addition to the one-button vertical shooting function, there are quick functions and modes for swipe to zoom, time-lapse, and panoramic shots and still enough space and load-bearing capacity for essential accessories, such as fill lights and microphones.

SCORP-Mini Features:
  • All-in-one gimbal: works with 4 types of cameras: mirrorless, compact, smartphone, and action camera.
  • Ergonomically designed with flexible positioning: T-shaped handle and integrated suspension handle are designed to fit the hand for precise control, enhanced comfort, flexible positioning and lighter weight lifting. Integrated suspension handle makes low-angle shooting easier than ever.
  • Advanced Modes: 3D surround shooting, automatic panoramas, focus follow, swipe to zoom, motion time-lapse, & panoramic modes.
  • Sophisticated, light-weight and easy to hold: constructed from light-weight aviation grade aluminum and synthetic macromolecular resin, weighing only 787g, comfortable for long filming sessions.
  • Small body with a big touchscreen: stunning large 1.3-inch touch screen for complete control over all functions without the need of an app.
  • Camera controls for easier shooting: connects through USB-C to control shutter and external follow motor for complete control.
  • App for more functionality: features including object tracking, zoom shooting, time-lapse modes, and more can be controlled through the Feiyu ON app, making it an ideal tool for professional Tik Tok video creation.
  • Five-way center of gravity adjustment and Arca quick release plate.
  • Professional focus wheel: supports external follow focus with high control precision.
  • Multiple quick buttons.
  • Fast to install and easy to balance.
  • Fast charging: charge in 1.6 hours with a 13 hour battery life.

Availability & Pricing

The SCORP-Mini is available with introductory pricing: super early bird at $199 (100 gimbals), early bird at $219 (200 gimbals), normal discount: $239 (unlimited), available at: The SCORP-Mini joins the three FeiyuTech gimbal lines for DSLR gimbals (SCORP series), smartphone gimbals (Vimble series) and action camera gimbals (Pocket series). For more information, see: and the website at:

About FeiyuTech

Established in 2007, Feiyu Technology Incorporated Co., Ltd. is a leader in video stabilization technology. The company manufactures drones, handheld gimbals, and action cameras. Headquartered in Guilin, China, with more than 500 employees, FeiyuTech also has professional R&D, marketing, and manufacturing centers in Shenzhen and Guilin, China. With products sold to over 130 countries around the world, FeiyuTech is recognized by consumers as a quality brand — the first gimbal brand to enter the Apple Store. The company’s partners include Tencent Wesee and Huawei, among others. All FeiyuTech products pass CE, FCC.ROHS., and many other certifications.

FeiyuTech’s top industry talent consists of a passionate group of young people with dreams. The company combines tradition and trends with vision and innovation to encourage FeiyuTech’s team to expand and maintain their creativity. On the road to future innovations, FeiyuTech continuously strives to offer the best user experience to customers all over the world. For more information, see:
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