Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launches Season 4!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout  continues its fun-filled experiments with the launch of Season 4, on PC and PlayStation consoles . Astronauts, aliens and galactically funky costumes invite themselves in the stellar dance of this new season, including the multitude of new trials, challenges, costumes and delicious features to be discovered between neon beans of good company!

Season 4: the new trials!

  • Skyline Stumble  – The new 60 player gauntlet offers an assortment of innovative futuristic obstacles like zero gravity zones, force fields and lasers! 

  • Hoverboard Heroes  – Set sail on slimy waves to dive and stumble over perilous obstacles. Surf the chaos around using a hoverboard to the finish line. Watch out for disposal!

  • Basketfall  – Play as a team for some low gravity streetball. It’s Fall Guys in the future, so be prepared for an unlikely number of balloons and triple baskets!

  • Short Circuit  – A new genre of racing that swings funny beans across the track to defy gravity in a series of laps dotted with tough obstacles!

  • Power Trip  – Descend onto a futuristic dance floor and light up the boxes in this high-spirited disco battle!

  • Big Shots  – How do you stay balanced on a platform when you are being thrown in your face with magnets, inflatable stars, giant donuts and miniature Saturn planets? You will soon find out!

  • Roll On –  Roll Out… but in the race ?! In this revisited classic, 60 players race to the finish line through a gaggle of stirring rotating drums. Don’t … fall …

New feature: Squad mode!  Qualify together as a squad of 4, with victory for all if one of the four wins the final stage!

New type of event: Squad Race!  Score for your team when crossing the finish line: the better your position, the higher your score! The squad with the fewest points is eliminated, so every performance counts.

New type of event: Squad Survival!  Stay out of the slime and earn valuable points for your team! The team with the lowest score is eliminated, so don’t hesitate to harass your opponents as a group to get them out of the game!

New feature: Daily Challenges!  Each day has its share of new challenges to complete to win Fame bundles and Crown Shards!

New currency: Crown Shards. Earn 60 Crown Shards and turn them into a brand new Crown! You get Shards in Challenges and Squad Trials, and you can view your War Chest on the Show selection screen!

Check out all the new features for Fall Guys Season 4   here .

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout  is available on  PlayStation 4  and PC via  Steam . Stumble over to  fallguys.com , wallow in  Discord,  and follow Fall Guys on  Twitter ,  Instagram,  and  Tik Tok  for all of your future searing failures against the rest of the world.

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