Escape The Undertaker Netflix Review

Escape The Undertaker is a new interactive movie featuring WWE legend The Undertaker and former WWE Raw / Smackdown Tag Team Champions and current WWE Champion The New Day. This movie gave WWE fans a new story of horror and mystery as we watch new information unfold. How does that information unfold? Well, you, the viewer as the opportunity to make some decisions for the New Day throughout this movie.

This movie is very interactive and you choose some of the decisions for the cast of the New Day to embark on finding the Undertaker’s urn. You will get through some terror and mystery as you embark on a journey. I was able to watch this on Netflix on my Xbox Series S. After our review below, you can watch Escape The Undertaker below.

Here is our review:


  • Interactive
    • I enjoyed this movie as the decisions I made affected the New Day as they are learning about the Undertaker and the ritual he has planned for them. I watch as they entered their worst fears, hidden rooms and much more.
  • New Day
    • I had to say as a big New Day fan, I was excited to the guys star in this new WWE and Netflix movie. Kofi, Big E, and Xavier were awesome in this movie and gave us some fun New Day sayings!
  • Story
    • You watch as the New Day visit the Undertaker’s home to find his urn to get that power. They want to use the power of the urn for positivity for their WWE run. While they get there, the Undertaker has ulterior motives and wants a few souls for his collection. You will direct the New Day through various choices in order to try and claim the power of the urn and escape with their souls.


  • Start Over
    • When I made the wrong decision, I would get the “Start Over” part to go back to my section and make a better decision. I didn’t like that as I wanted to see what would have happened afterwards such as an additional scene or progression through the story.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Watch Escape The Undertaker movie here: