EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Racing Green Unboxing X Review

The crown jewel of gaming headsets are hard to find these days. You will have to become Indiana Jones to fully research the legends and attempt find that one in the wild. We were able to scour the world to find a product from a reputable company that makes legendary stories into reality. EPOS is a fantastic headset company that has produced some of the best headsets out there for gamers and audiophiles. We then learned that EPOS has a new headset that just released to the public. We put on our hat which matches Indiana Jones and then took off running through a temple of doom or local shopping center with our coveted prize. The EPOS H3Pro Hybrid headset is available for gamers, musicians, directors and more who need a headset like this one.

Either way, we were able to get our hands on a review sample of the new headset. We chose the Racing Green headset as it reminds us a lot of Boba Fett. We are Star Wars fans and we have been watching the The Book of Boba Fett a lot on Disney Plus. We did an unboxing, played Apex with using the headset and finally gave our thoughts of the headset below. I will have to say this….be like Indiana Jones and get this headset. Secure it! Buy it! Have fun with it! You want to hear what amazing quality of Audio is then get this headset!




  • The Design
    • I’m a huge Star Wars fan and with the colors and unique feel…I felt like the force was with me. I closed my eyes and felt like I was Boba Fett from the Star Wars saga. The colors felt so good together that makes the headphones felt very unique. The Green and Gold mesh in a way that just works.
  • Instant Mute
    • Ok, who has to find a way to mute before that awful sneeze. Here in my city, we have a ton of allergies and I’m prone to sneeze like it was 1998 all over again. With the the EPOS H3Pro, you can instantly mute your headset all with the lift of a mic. You can lift your mic up and be muted so quick you will forget what your doing for the day. This is fantastic as we need those moments of clarity where we need to relax and not let others hear us sneeze.
  • Wireless / Wired Hybrid
    • You have your choice of playing your games wired or wireless. The headset is a true hybrid as you are given the opportunity to play wired or wireless. We tried both choices while playing Apex on our laptop. We didn’t see no difference if it was wired or wireless. Both continued to bring a fantastic sound to the headset while allowing me to chat with my friends online.



Rating: 10 out of 10

Buy one here: https://www.eposaudio.com/en/us/gaming/products/h3pro-hybrid-green-bluetooth-low-latency-connection-gaming-headset-1000894

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