Emmett Lucius Pharaoh New Single “Sleepless Nights” out now!

Emmett Lucius Pharaoh new single Sleepless Nights is out now! We all have those sleepless nights where our mind goes wild. Emmet Lucius Pharaoh brings that element right into his next track Sleepless Nights. I’m loving this beat in the song as it just so fire. You just feel it and that makes it an extra special. Emmett sings and raps very well throughout the song as well. I dig this track!

listen here:


With well over ten thousand hours spent in the studio, Emmett Lucius Pharaoh has developed a unique sound to his music, by producing, writing, recording all of his own tracks. In his young career he has already showcased his prolific talent, etching out his own individual path in the entertainment industry.


Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Emmett found himself gravitating towards the musical arts at a young age, driven by a deep passion and teenage rebellion. At 17 Emmett moved out into the winter streets – homeless, but motivated. Finding solace in his obsession with the art of music and sound, he knew that this was something that he wanted to dedicate his life to mastering.