Emma G showcases a glimpse of the power of music through new documentary titled Born In Crisis

Music has been the voice for people who feel like their voice isn’t heard. Music has been the sound that lifts you to your feet and get you to groove to the sound. Music has been the medicine to heal all wounds when the world around you has fallen through the kitchen sink. Born In Crisis is a new documentary that follows musician Emma G as she opens up about her life due to brain surgeries and how music has been there to guide her to a different life. Now, with her music showcasing her struggle, she is here to help others overcome their pain and give them a dose of medicine through her music.

When I watched the Born In Crisis documentary about Emma G, I didn’t realize the struggle she had been going through. She had 24 brain surgeries starting from a young age of 4 MONTHS OLD! You heard that right! She talked about the consequences of her condition that resulted in a life of bullying, health struggles, and more. What turned her life around was the power to create music. She would start to sing music at an early age to where now she creates music now as her career.

Watching Emma G talk about how she turned her struggle into music, has given fans all over the world a window of opportunity to find a way to turn their own pain into happiness. This much needed outlet for people out there are given that much needed hugged love through her music. She has brought beauty into a situation that many are too afraid to smell the roses that are near.

I enjoyed this documentary and can’t wait to hear more stories and music to come from Emma G!

Our Rating: 10 out of 10

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