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Educational online initiative Gamedev Camp launches in September, now accepting applications

Vilnius, Lithuania, July 27th, 2022 – Gamedev Camp, an initiative that matches game developers of all skill levels to learn from one another, is kicking off its 12-month online mentorship program on September 5th, with applications now being accepted.

Gamedev Camp focuses on experienced game developers from Ukraine but welcomes people from all countries as long as they condemn the war and would like to work in a team with Ukrainians. Ukrainians can apply for a limited number of scholarships, with discounts available when participants bring a friend. Applying is completely free and you’re only required to pay once you’ve confirmed that you’re happy about your placement.

Everything is run online, through Discord. Participants spend 1-2 hours a day working in a diverse team guided by nice mentors. Once accepted into the program, developers get matched with a team, make games together, get feedback from mentors, learn from each other, get a confidence boost, fill their knowledge gaps, and get headhunted. It’s just like in a real summer camp but online!

Gamedev.Camp kicks off in September with four teams, each consisting of four members: a game designer, a programmer, an artist, and a jack of all trades. The plan is to add two new teams every month for 12 months. Every three months there will be a Demo Day opportunity to present the game to the jury so team members get noticed and possibly headhunted. Teams can choose to skip a Demo Day, should they wish, and present on the next opportunity in three months.

Those interested in participating in Gamedev Camp can apply now. Mid or senior-level artists (VFX, 2D, 3D, animation) and programmers who feel like spending 3 hours mentoring young talent can apply as mentors.

“Since the war in Ukraine started in February, we’ve been horrified and wanted to help the people of Ukraine the best way we knew how: through mentoring game developers,” said Olle Pridiuksson, co-founder of Gamedev Camp. “We’d love to help displaced game developers from Ukraine to improve their portfolios, clean their CVs and apply for jobs in Europe. This is a summonuity led effort, built by industry veterans who have worked at such companies as Unity, King, Playdead, Melsoft, Sneaky Box and more.  While our focus is on helping Ukrainian developers, we encourage folks from all over to apply.”

About Gamedev Camp
Our mission is to help people who love games to find a job in the games industry or even start their own game development studios. We aspire to match our students with great mentors and build a productive environment for the top talent to thrive. See more on the Gamedev.Camp website.


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