As a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, I’m enjoying these fun issues from Ahoy Comics! What got me more excited was there is a new series which is called Snifter of Death. While I finished licking my lips in excitement, I open the comic book and looked through the pages.

First story starts off as The Monster Serials: A Devils Advocate where a man is tied up to a pole and is about to be burned at the stake! This man starts to recant his time searching for his love while he believes he will meet his maker. A man then comes forward and wants to stop the burning. He wants justice and law to prevail in this situation. He convinces the town folk to not burn him at the stake but wait until morning so he can burn with the sunlight. While the vampire is in disbelief, we learned of an another motive for this person. I won’t spoil the ending but it will literally be a neck…I mean nail biter.

Second Story is a very young Edgar Allan Poe traveling the countryside to find what he is suppose to do. He meets a young woman who takes his kindness for granted and sends him to a place that will haunt his fragile mind. This haunting leads Edgar to a bar where he tells his story to the people there.

Fantastic first issue! The art was incredible in this comic and gave way to a mystery that had myself thinking of multiple outcomes. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Get Issue 1 here: https://comicsahoy.com/comics/edgar-allan-poes-snifter-death-1


(W) Mark Russell, Stuart Moore

(A) Peter Snejbjerg, Frank Cammuso

(C) Richard Williams


Irreverent, Poe-inspired tales of mystery and inebriation return in a new series. Mark Russell and Peter Snejbjerg expose chocolate vampires, fruit-flavored Frankensteins, and other crunchy creeps in an all-new Monster Serials thriller. If we survive that, writer Stuart Moore and artist Frank Cammuso chronicle an adventure of Edgar Allan Poe when he was a boy! Extra: illustrated prose features!


October 6, 2021