In this issue, we are introduced to the crime solving magnet known as Sherlock Holmes. The Adventure of The Three Narrators is a story that will have you grinding your teeth. Sherlock is sent to American to solve a mystery that could cut a bit too deep under his skin. He meets a young man who tells him of a situation involving his cousin. He was in love with her teeth as they were glamorous for that time. She then died and was buried yet the young man awoke to a box with her teeth in them. Sherlock using his detective skills pin pointed the situation onto the young man and called the authorities. Another narrator, Mr. Poe, had a talk with Sherlock and that’s when it went wild.

In another story, Ms. Found in a Bottle, is where a few reporters found a miniature lady in a bottle. She too, a reporter, had a story of her own. She discussed her journey sailing with a team and then hit a sand storm where it killed nearly all her crew. Then she and her cameraman crashed into a cursed ship and was able to board it. She described her tale some more, but the reporters didn’t want to believe it. Then a flood happened and these reporters may have lost the scoop of the century.

I enjoyed this issue as The Adventure of the Three Narrators had you second guessing on what was going on in the story. You want to believe Sherlock Holmes made the right decision but sometimes, you have to think outside the box. The story with Ms. Found in a Bottle, is fantastic! I wish this was turned into a movie as the creativity is on fire in this story! I enjoyed her journey throughout the pages of her travels in the story. I wanted more haha! Either way, a fantastic read today!

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(W) Paul Cornell, Kek-w

(A) Greg Scott, Alberto Ponticelli

(C) Alan Robinson