E3 2021 Paved Way For New Look Into Gaming and Tech

E3 2021 came through with expectations for gamers to find out what is the latest and greatest coming out from developers and companies. Many companies blew our minds away as well as a our socks off our feet with some of their announcements. The creativity by some of the showcase’s gave fans an asthma attack with their unique ways to get the point across with their latest announcements.

We were able to be part of the Official Media team for the event as we devoured those last 5 days possibly more to find what we liked and what we didn’t like. We made a list of what we liked from those 5 days while we found things that put us to sleep.

Here is our list and let us know in comments if you agree or not:

What excited us:

  • Razer
    • We were shocked with the new gaming laptop they announced called Razer Blade 15 which is something we will be looking more into!
  • Everything from Xbox and Bethesda Event
    • Everything from that showcase event won everything for fans showcasing new games including Halo Infinite!
  • Verizon 5G
    • Apple Arcade and Google Game Pass announced for users in Unlimited plan and the investment of Esports with a training facility.
  • Nintendo Showcase
    • Nintendo announcing Warioware, Mario Golf, update to Breathe of Fire 2, Metroid Dread, Hyrule Warriors and Tekken joining Super Smash Bros which is all pretty cool.
  • Limited Run Games
    • The announcement for Zombies ate my neighbors, Skatebird, Contra Anniversary Collection, Double Dragon, and the badass showcase they had with the owners! WE digged that hard!
  • Devolver Digital
    • Devolver Max Pass + is something new that we feel will change gaming as a whole! Plus, their whole showcase felt like it was out of a movie with action, drama, and of course chili dogs!

What put us to sleep:

  • E3 Hosts on Twitch
    • I never had to roll my eyes so much when these hosts were on my screen on Twitch. I saw so many people in chat write ZZZZ, so felt maybe a choice of hosts should be changed for next year.
  • Too Much New Gen
    • This put my team to sleep as a few of our team members have their new gen console already while others are still on their current gen. Why is this bad? Well with the difficulty to get a new gen console, many people including some of our team are asking why should we look into the new gen games when lot of the games won’t be played without that next gen console.

E3 2021 Rating: 8 out of 10