Dive Into A Dangerous, Expansive Desert World in Starsand – Coming to PC This Year

Toplitz Productions gives players a closer look at their survival sandbox adventure game Starsand in their newest gameplay trailer. Developed by Tunnel Vision Studio, players will dive head-first into a vast, unexplored desert where threats are waiting just under the sand. This IGN exclusive new trailer highlights what players can come to expect later this year.

In Starsand, players take on the role of a desert marathon runner. After seeking shelter from a sandstorm they awaken in an unfamiliar location – hungry, thirsty and desperately longing for home. Guided by two strange moons and pyramids far in the distance, players will have to do much more than simply survive to find their way back. They’ll have to hunt, fight, and explore. For out in these desert sands, amidst strange ruins and under the light of two moons, there are worse things than hunger.

Look out for more information on Starsand in the coming months. In the meantime, players can wishlist the game on Steam now.

Key Features:

  • A massive otherworldly desert landscape to explore. Navigate over 64 km² terrain.
  • Discover a world full of lost monuments, strange artifacts and creatures both modern and ancient.
  • Awaken your survival instincts in this challenging environment. Brave the blazing sun, freezing nights, brutal sandstorms and .
  • Scavenge, gather, harvest and craft. Protect your body and your new home against the dangers of this harsh desert world.
  • Unpredictable weather and an impactful day/night cycle puts planning at the forefront. Prepare well for every expedition and all you might encounter.
  • Unravel a thrilling sci-fi adventure. Discover ruins, piece together the truths of this world, solve puzzles and journey deeper into the unknown.

About Tunnel Vision Studio:

Tunnel Vision is a small creative studio, ready to take on the world wielding RAM sticks, dressed in GPU-coated armor, with a VR visor as a helm. They charge towards the future guided by technology, but we also carry on their shoulders a bundle of memorabilia from the ’90s, trophies of a childhood we barely escaped.

Tunnel Vision’s team are valiant geeks based in Rome, not willing to surrender to the allure of countries with fiber optic broadband and unhealthy food. They make a living out of what they like to do: everything involving virtual reality, video games, electronic music, cutting-edge technology, and coding.