DEVIL TREE FILMS presents in association with CAVIAR new film titled SISTERS


Hidden secrets cause tension when two estranged sisters are forced to confront each other while preparing for their ailing mother’s death.


SISTERS focuses on two estranged siblings who are forced to confront each other as their comatose mother nears death. Andy, a self-centered failing actress, returns to her childhood home to find Emily, her older sister whose life is on hold while she cares for their dying mother. Tensions mount as they argue over whether or not to sell their mother’s house, but when the two devise a game to divide up the belongings, hidden secrets come to light resulting in a well-intentioned, but ill-fated resolution.


SISTERS was conceived after my oldest sister and brother-in-law provided home care for his ailing mother until her passing. The script was written with the belief that taking care of an aging parent is becoming more universal in light of the United States’ rapidly aging population and failing health care system. The concrete details of my sister’s life mixed with the memories of our childhood created moments of real humor, which gave the film an authenticity that I hope will have an emotional impactful for all kinds of people.

The experience I’m most trying to communicate with SISTERS is that of nostalgia and personal growth. The story is a journey of breaking down and building yourself back up with the help of people who know you best and love you unconditionally. While this film has illness and death, it’s about birth, change, and how deeply funny life can be in its most serious moments.


JESS BRUNETTO is a director, writer, producer and editor. Her film work has screened at Cannes, Venice and Sundance. Her television credits include “Broad City,” “Awkwafina Is

Nora From Queens,” and Jordan Peele’s “The Last O.G.”

Her latest project, SISTERS, is premiering at SXSW 2021 and has been nominated for the Grand Jury Award.


Sarah Burns (Emily): Barry, I Love You Man, Enlightened,

Jorma Taccone (Agent): Hot Rod, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Mary Holland (Andy): Happiest Season, Veep

Angelina Spicer (Roommate): Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live

Florence C.M. Klein (Mom)

Rob Huebel (Chris): Transparent, Medical Police, Children’s Hospital


Writer / Director: Jess Brunetto Producers: Christian Baker, Jess Brunetto

Executive Producers: Jorma Taccone, Ryan Cunningham, Michael Sagol Director of Photography: Wes Cardino

Production Designer: Madelyn Wilkime Editor: Kate Rose Itzkowitz

Costume Designer: Maria Garcia Composer: Kirkwood

Colorist: Luke Cahill

Re-Recording Mixer: Ian Stynes Title Design: Plucky