Death Metal Band DESECRATE Drop New Lyric Video “Cold of Death”

“Cold of Death” is a song taken from Desecrate’s album “Kingdom”, released via Wormholedeath Record worldwide. The band previously released music videos for the opening track of the album “Narcissus” and “Chaos” which shows the bands protests side as well as “FTS”.

The new video “Cold of Death” came with its own statement:
“We walk on this path from the beginning to the end while feeling the death. This song is the description of all the pain and challenges that we face everyday. While we are all alone on our struggle the end is the same for all of us. For those who doesn’t give up, who sees death as a companion, may the Cold of Death be with us”

Desecrate introduced their new vocalist, Iranian singer “Haniye Kian,” with a video message posted on Wormholedeath’s official YouTube page a few days ago. The statement was spread widely, as was the news of Haniye Kian’s choice to go from Iran to Turkey (news announced on BBC international and BBC Turkey).