Dead don’t Die Review

Dead don’t Die comes with an all-star cast and lots of laughs. Bill Murray (Chief Cliff Robertson) alongside Adam Driver (Officer Ronnie Peterson) lead the cast in a small town where nothing ever happens. Until the earth shifts off its rotation leading to daylight changes and weather disasters. The town and the world are not ready for what will come next the rise of the undead. Just these undead are not like your typical zombies they retained some memories. The first two zombies make their mark on the town fast and loud. The cast is great but I felt they did not do them all justice. Overall to me the film lack a lot too many missing scenes with a cast this great and we don’t see how they die. One minute they alive on screen and the next their a zombie or worst you see them once and next they’re dead.  The comic relief of the master Bill Murray is a great point in the film but does not carry the film. The Dead don’t Die could have been the next Shaun of the Dead in my book but fell short even with an all-star cast. The question is will this film turn in to a cult classic down the line. See for yourself The Dead don’t Die out now and judge for yourself. Be forewarned it gets weird out of nowhere.