Dara and her family enter the concentration camp that isn’t well known in Croatia that will change their lives forever. Even before entering the camp, she and her family were seeing violence happening to her friends and neighbors. While at the concentration camp in Jasenovac, she witness crimes against her friends and family, trying to find ways to continue to eat and eventually leave the camp with her baby brother. At age 10, she experienced what no 10 year has to experience while in the concentration camp.

I was able to be invited to screen this movie prior to its premiere and I have to to say this film is eye opening! This film gives you another layer of what was going on in other parts of Europe that weren’t accompanied by the Nazi Regime but were partnered with them. A powerful film that will gave you an insight look of the horrible crimes committed during World War 2. I have to say is wow! I will not be spoiling much of this movie here in this article but I will say this…WATCH THIS FILM!

Here is our review:


  • Untold Story
    • I am a huge history buff that would engulf stories from books, documentaries and more. I didn’t know about the Jasenovac Concentration Camp and the story behind it. This film opened up a story that many haven’t heard from in nearly 75 years. A story of how Serbian people had to be subjugated to an extermination by the Croatian Ustashas that at the time were in power. Dara is one of the people, at 10, had to witness some horrors from people dying to having to fend for herself.
  • Quality Film Production
    • A lot of foreign movie makers are creating more content for not only their home countries but they are being distributed to America in theaters and by streaming. This film, have a fantastic production behind it as the crew worked out to bring this story out. The lightening and camera angles helped tell the story of what was going on during that situation.
  • Not run by Germans
    • This tidbit got my eyes going wild! This film features the only concentration camp in Europe that wasn’t ran by Germans. Yes, the movie showed a Nazi Germans visiting the camp but they didn’t run it. I didn’t realize this until later on during my second rewatch. This is fascinating as in history, a concentration camp in Europe was all run by Germans but this one wasn’t.



Rating: 10 out of 10

All in all, this film is a very powerful with a story that needs to be heard. You will be educated on the horrors of the concentration camp through the eyes of a 10 year old girl. This film was eye opening as it give you another look at history that was nearly forgotten. The producers of the film brought a high class production to give viewers a look of how this story came by. This the only European concentration camp that wasn’t run by the Germans which gave you an outlook on how much hate was out there from other groups. A good film to watch and see history unfold as this 10 year old girl fought hard to survive and make sure her brother survived as well.

Out in theaters February 5, 2021


6 thoughts on “DARA OF JASENOVAC Film Review

    1. this is a pretty good movie, some untold truths from WW2. You should check it out and enjoy it. BTW, I do have glasses and I can see quite fine.


    3. You are another extreme nationalist and hater whose mind is blurred by hate. You should read some history or visit a psychiatrist to remove such racist hate from your mind.

  1. Unfortunately for the victims in the Jasenovac extermination camp, the Ustasha officers (male and female) shown in the film (Luburić, Filipović, Vrban, Miloš, Šakić, Buždon…) were in fact much more horrible, monstrous and bloodthirsty and they rarely used cold weapon. Their favorite weapons were knives, axes and mallets.
    Gideon Greif, chief investigator of the Israeli Holocaust Institute, Shem Olam, has documented 57 methods of torture and killing in Jasenovac: the skinning, massacring by knives, beheading, the cutting off tongues, extremities and genitals, nailing a knife into a victim’s mouth, ripping the belly to pregnant women and removing unborn babies from their mothers’ wombs, ripping the lips to victims, breaking their hands, ripping off their breasts, drinking their blood….Victims were thrown into the fire alive, they were burnt with red-hot iron, they were killed with hammers, picks, butts, knives, axes, bombs, they were hanged and shot….Ustashe impaled children on knives, butchered them, smashed their heads, beheaded them, hit them to the walls or trees, poisoned them with gas…
    Even the German SS was shocked by the methods of the Ustashe. . They were monsters in human form. Imagine that Michael Myers, Leatherface, Jason or Art the Clown really existed and that they ran a concentration camp in World War II. Such were the Croatian Ustashe.
    Some of the readers of the shocking testimony of the survivor of the Jasenovac camp Egon Berger, 44 months in Jasenovac (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34826165-44-months-in-jasenovac)
    commented that they had to take breaks while reading this book because they were physically sick of what they had read.
    I haven’t seen the film yet, but I guess a few of those ways of killing have been shown because such a film would be a splatter horror that could only be watched by fans of the horror genre, so the director had to soften the depiction of those crimes. In the trailer, I see that the Ustashe in the film are mostly killing their victims with firearms.

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