Cyberpunk World Meets Roguelike Card Game in ShadowPlay

Beijing, China –Dec. 23th, 2020 – Indie game publisher 2P Games announced the English version of their new Roguelike card game, ShadowPlay: Metropolis Foe is now available on Steam Early Access with 15% discount for $8.49/€6,96 /£6.11

“We are glad to release ShadowPlay on Steam Early Access and can’t wait to hear what players think. And during Early Access, we will fix every bug we find and keep adding content to our game. In our final release version,” said 42 Foundation, the developer of ShadowPlay.” We will have 10 chapter in story mode. Right now, we only have 1 chapter, we will add 1 chapter per month.”

In ShadowPlay, you will be in the middle of a random Cyber Metropolis maze constructed by the AI System, you need utilize the tactical card abilities of different characters to defeat the challenges of a series of enemies, such as Sapiens, Robot guards, transformers, and more!

In our game, every choice the player faces is crucial, whether it’s the choice of cards after a battle or the options in the event, all of them will affect the outcome of the game. This also means that every new game will bring you a different gameplay experience.

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About 2P Games
2P Games is an Indie game publisher found in 2019. Based in China, the company’s aim is to search high quality PC and Console Games all over the world and publish them to Chinese players. And pick the high quality Chinese Indie Games for all players.
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