Crossing Swords Season 2 Hulu Review

Patrick is in a world of Sh*t! Yes he is! Crossing Swords Season 2 is out streaming now on Hulu! Season 2 continues with the ending of Season 1 to a new story that will have King Merriman gleaming like a young 19 year old King again. There is a lot of blood, guts, and ruby covered nipples on Queen Tulip. I have to admit, this season was hilarious yet included a ton of backstory for the characters. I felt many of the characters grew throughout this second season including Broth, King Merriman, and Princess Blossom.

I will not spoil much of season 2 of the show but have to say the ending was incredible. I can’t wait for season 3 to continue on that ending and see what happens next! For now, check out this very brief review and then click the link below to start watching Season 2 of Crossing Swords.

Here is the review:


  • Broth
    • I was very impressed by Broth this season as not only he grew as a character but brought a whole meaning for best friend. The antics he did not only to showcase to Patrick that he is there for him but had me in stitches with his interactions with Princess Blossom.
  • Story
    • The story starts off as a continuation from the Season 1 Finale! King Merriman is walking around talking about the destruction on his kingdom and knowing that he is now poor. They blame Patrick of course and he goes on trial to hear the allegations. He is sentenced to having rats eat his face but a rainbow comes out. He is able to bargain the judge if he got the Leprechaun’s Gold from the end of the rainbow instead he would be free. What he finds though will make the King richer than any other King in the world. This richness does come with a curse that Patrick will fight each episode to upend.
  • Coral
    • When she tried to get into the casino using a fake eye! Enough said! Watch that whole episode! The episode is just comedic gold!!!



Rating: 9 out of 10

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