Crop Circle Realities Review

Crop Circle Realities a deep dive into the crop circles phenomenon by Darcy Weir. A looking to crop circles that popped up out of nowhere in England and other parts of the world. This documentary looks deep into the theories behind these events. Were they man-made or made by UFOs we hear the stories and first-hand accounts.

For those who are into the unknown this a great documentary to watch. They go deep into this phenomenon with so many views on what happens in those fields. So many thought’s to take in making your own theory. From the man-made ones with broken wheat to those which look like heat or some other source of energy bent them.

A truly amazing look into crop circles and for those into this phenomenon this is a must-watch. Those that love the unknown will enjoy it. I’m not one to be into UFOs and so on but I was drawn into this doc. I was intrigued and drawn into the theories so it will hook you.