Cozy Grove Xbox Series S Review

Cozy Grove will take you on a quest to help others and secure joy for an island that may or may not still inhabited it after your done. Your going to find more than meets the eye when you start your exploration of the island. You will meet up with unrested spirits that want to pass over to the other side but they have a tale or two to tell you about their glorious island.

I was able to play this game over a two week period to get my footing better for the review. I found that playing this game for 20 to 40 minutes every day gives you an adequate time to secure everything you must do. I don’t want to say much about the game but you must get this game! Either for the Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch, you got to get this game and play it. The journey it self is worth it as your imagination will thank you later on.

The game is played on my Xbox Series S but it is available for Xbox One users as well!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • You are a young Spirit Scout that goes to this island called Cozy Grove to help the ghostly residents a chance to pass over to the other side. The gloomy island is in need of your help also to bring life and excitement back as well. You will meet the residents and help them with daily tasks to not only help them pass over but to gain more knowledge of the area.
  • Daily Tasks
    • Each day, you will visit a spirit guide that needs help on a situation. You will be given directions to collect items, fish in the pond, or find things to piece together a story about Cozy Grove and the ghosts. I’m able to do one task at a time each day to find things that will help make Cozy Grove a better place for the inhabitants.
  • Adventure
    • Each day provides a new adventure for you as you wander through Cozy Grove learning more about each ghost and what they use to do in Cozy Grove. I liked this part as the creators of the game provided a fun adventure of the story throughout the game. Each story is unique as you feel like your slowly discovering a piece of the world that those ghosts once engulfed. Very fascinating!


  • Limited Time
    • The game reminds me of a mobile game where you must do a day’s worth of activity and then you come back tomorrow to do more. I get that it gives players the option to think over what they have missed over the day prior but I like to complete things day off.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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