Cougar Armor One

This past 6 months I had decided that is it was time for me to get a gaming chair and I went with Cougar Armor One and man was I impressed. This chair is both comfortable and affordable for someone who is looking to finally commit and drop some money on a chair that is going to last them years.

I have been personally using this chair for close to 8 months from the time of this review and I have to say my back could not feel any better. I was going through some severe back pain due to my other computer chair that I had been using and need a serious upgrade. It was to the point I would wake up in the morning and I could not even straighten my back while walking.  

I decided to reach out to my local gaming lounge, Shenanigans, who had these specific chairs on hand and asked if I was able to purchase one due to the issues I was having. Not even a week later my poster and the pain has been relieved.  

The back support on this chair is fantastic and the PVC leather feels really close to the material that the high-end gaming chairs have at half the cost. I was a little worried if the chair was going to be tall enough for my desk but it the perfect size and height for whenever I go live.  

I really like the adjustable height on the armrest but whenever I am playing with a controller, I can also turn the armrest left/right for comfort. The Armor One is also able to recline at 180 degrees and an adjustable tilting resistance.  

I am also surprised that these chairs come in 5 different colors in you choose. Orange, Black, Purple, Army Green, Light Blue. So, if you are a streamer, competitive gamer, or just someone who has always wanted a gaming chair for themselves. I personally recommend the Armor One from Cougar especially for an affordable price. You do not have to spend a lot to get amazing quality here. If you ever want to test these chairs out before you buy just head over to Shenanigans and tell them that DeltronZ sent you!


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