Conquer Your Fears with Jake Aldridge New Single Pieces of Me

Many people have a hard time trying to muster up there strength to move forward in life. The precious moments can suck you in and hold you back from doing things that you feel can improve your outlook in life.

Jake Aldridge gives you the lens of clarity to help you see beyond the bubble of that moment.

Pieces of Me is the new single by Jake Aldridge which features a beautiful harmonic voice of Kelly Jenns.

This awesome new song helps people conquer their fears of moving forward in life. The flow of water down the shaft extends further and further giving hope that you can eventually fall off the shaft of deceit and go into the ocean of new.

Jake Aldridge spins his rhymes through various wheels and speaks the volumes and leaves imprints on the ground where the future can learn form, be helped from, and conquer it all from the imprint.

Lift the banner of hope and go to ITUNES and get this song! You will be amazed by the voices and be amazed by the lyrics and be amazed by the hope he sings.

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