Colt Canyon Review

Colt Canyon is a 2D Western Shooter that is highly addicting and fun to play when you’re trying to pass the time away. Thank you HeadUp games for allowing to play the game and test it on and off streams.  Now let’s dive into the Wild West!

When you start the game, you are greeted by a couple. One of the characters are practicing their gun skills by shooting bottles. When a band of thieves ran into the couple and abducted your friend. It is your duty to find your partner and rescue them from the thieves. In order to progress through the game, you have to pick up additional items and weapons that will help you shoot your way through all the thieves along the way.  

There are also perks that you would be able to gain. Some perks allow you to increase your ammo for weapons, others will give you additional health. The speed of the game is what I enjoy most. At times I feel like I want to speed-run the game than take my time. The shooting mechanic does have a slight learning curve but you will be able to pick it up pretty quickly.  

The graphics and the music from the game, fits really well together. This game can get a bit hard if you are not fully stocked on ammo and health. I was not ready for the number of enemies that Colt Canyon has, while trying to get to the boss of each level. As a plus this game does come with a local multiplayer so if you have someone else to play with you can.  

Which the amount of time that I have had with the game I have thoroughly enjoyed the game. I have still yet to complete it but I am hoping I am getting close to the end. This whole game has been everything that I look for in a game. Fast gameplay, easy to learn, tons of enemies, and I love when I have different characters to choose from.  

As a whole I recommend this game for everyone. As of right now this game does not have an official release date. But when we tested the game, we were told 2020 for sure so do not forget to add to your Wishlist on Steam to keep track of when it comes out. Thank you once again for allowing to test the game and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. For me there is nothing but positives and excited for it’s future.