Classic Game Fest Smuggles Gaming Excitement To Austin

The sirens are blaring and there is nothing to hide when your there is a knock on the door. The gaming police will ask you questions but you will smile and tell them they arrived at a checkpoint in this gaming sequence. You will see people running to the free play arcades as any other sirens heard are from the XMEN arcade game. Classic Game Fest returns to Austin with buffet of gaming goodness. You will forget about your diet as you take plate and another plate of classic gaming chuckles.


Frankyzphotography just gaming it up

The travel to Austin was quick and we eagerly entered Palmer Events Center to check out the convention. We had to go around the convention center as it was packed with long lines awaiting to get through the door. Once we got in, we attacked the vendors and got some pretty cool stuff from them. We are collectors as well so we filled up some of our collections today. We then hit the arcades and hit it hard while playing. Frankyzphotography, our videographer, was going nuts at those arcade games.


Bitforce playing with Gross Angel

The music from Classic Game Fest is something at exciting to note as we love to hear the music from all these musicians. We enjoyed seeing our friends DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N., Gross Angel, Creative Mind Frame, Bitforce and meeting new ones such as 88 Bit, Juicy Lee and others. They played classic nerdcore tunes and some even played some new songs that were making their debut live. We gobbled that all up and of course dance a bit when the music came out.

The music is our enjoyment and we were able to capture a lot of the musicians performing on video and pictures.

killer queen game

In all, Classic Gaming Fest provided for us gamers a haven for anything gaming. They of course had classic games such as Atari and NES but they weren’t limited to just that. They gave fans of all ages a chance to relive their childhood and create a new childhood memory for their children by seeing all the glory of gaming from the con. The music, developers, vendors, and guests showcased a classic convention for fans to come out  and have fun. We enjoyed every aspect and will be posting the interviews and photographs soon on our Youtube and Facebook soon!