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Chinatown Slalom Announce New Single You Can Bet Your Hat On It

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Chinatown Slalom return with news of their brand new 5-track EP Meet The Parents on September Recordings for July 2nd and the release of a new single “You Can Bet Your Hat On It’” – a shimmering pop song that sees the band’s ghostly harmonies overlaid on their familiar chopped synths and collage-like rhythms. As on their acclaimed debut album, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, the new EP beams with a sense of off-centred, kaleidoscopic fun all anchored in timeless songwriting and serves as further invitation into the intoxicating world of the UK 4-piece.

“You Can Bet Your Hat On It” comes with a Harry Deadman-directed video that adds an overall sense of peculiar unease to the band’s first music since 2019. The visual depicts the Liverpudlian group on their best behaviour: donning suits and running a comb through their hair. It’s an image that ties into the wider themes of the EP, and how this more melodic, cohesive release serves as a Trojan horse with which to usher in more experimental compositions further down the line.

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Lead singer Liam Nolan explains: “The phrase “meet the parents” sums up the EP and how it’s being brought to the world. We’re self-aware enough to know [the music industry is like] playing a fake game and we want people to know that we’re playing it. It’s like we’re in a relationship and we’re meeting the parents for the first time. You still want to be yourself but you’re wearing a nice suit and you’ve brushed your hair.”

When Chinatown Slalom first emerged in 2019 with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? their lawlessness was electric. Here was a group who met while studying in Liverpool in the north of England, and, living together in close quarters in an unruly student house, embraced the city’s potential as a cosmic and hedonistic playground to produce an album on which big, playful pop choruses, boundary free thinking, and iconic Jai Paul samples lived together in chaotic harmony. The fact that a wall in the home all four members shared was daubed with the phrase “Everyone’s invited” wasn’t a coincidence. Chinatown Slalom were a band for whom rules and traditions didn’t exist and anything was possible.

“Chinatown Slalom are one of the most exciting new bands in Britain right now.”


“You might not quite understand it, but you want to be a part of regardless.”


“Their debut album Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is brilliantly bonkers.”



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