Canadian Singer-Songwriter Chris Grey Pushes the Boundaries of Spectral R&B with The Beginning EP

Here is the press release for Chris Grey and we will be doing a review soon!

Artist: Chris Grey 

Release: Beginning (EP)

Lead Track: ‘Give’

Release Date: November 30th

Genre: R&B

Gifted beyond his years,17-year-old Canadian producer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Chris Grey pushes the boundaries of spectral R&B with The Beginning EP. Drawing influence from Fellow Toronto natives Drake and The Weeknd. Chris demonstrates his musicality on his debut EP.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Chris Grey grew up listening to a diverse catalogue of music ranging from reggae to rock. Garnering a love for music at a young age, Grey began learning to produce beats and explore his sound while pulling inspiration from artists such as The Weeknd, Drake and Chase Atlantic.

Although only two tracks deep, Grey has gained an already loyal fanbase with his ability to connect with his listeners through his atmospheric tracks filled with real life narratives and exposed story-telling.

With a trademark sound established, Chis Grey takes listeners on a resounding and vulnerable journey. The lavish guitar solos add an additional layer to his emotional contemporary R&B work. It’s only the beginning for this talented young artist.

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