Calgary Pop Songbird K BESD Embraces “Our Love” with New Single — Available Now!

If Canadian songbird K BESD’s previous single, “TUFF TIMES,” was the call, her latest in “Our Love” is the answer.

Available now, BESD continues to solidify her status as an anthem enthusiast and purveyor of better days, and now she’s back — imploring audiences to stand up with this new,  emotionally-charged offering.

Packed with the Calgary-based powerhouse’s vocals, swooping melodies, and motivational lyrics, “Our Love” reminds the listener that regardless of what happens, love will be the lasting foundation you can count on, stand on, shout from, and cling to.

Pop in fashion, and R&B in sultry pockets, “Our Love” carves its charming message in a welcomed ear-worm type of way; packed with plenty of layered vocals, the song also features the sounds of a gospel choir — which lends to the overall vibe of a song about overcoming and relying on love to save the day. The adorable, unexpected twist in the bridge, is the inclusion of the beautiful cameo of a children’s choir and clapping percussion.

“Our Love” offers to take your heart for a walk, and then forces it to explode with emotion. Creating the track, BESD says, “When I started writing this song, I was thinking a lot about what’s going on in the world.  Its current state brings out so many emotions in us including fear, which can show up as frustration and anger creating divides in a time (when) we need each other most.

“In addition to this, I was feeling very reflective and thinking about some things I wanted to change in and around me,” she continues. “I considered what had gotten me through my most challenging times thus far…”

It was ‘her people’ that kept her together, she adds, saying: “Your family, whether blood or chosen, and your community are what get you through.”

The song features a variety of artists, and collaborators, many of whom BESD was introduced to through social media. “The entire process has been very special to me,” she reveals. “I’ve never collaborated with this many artists and although I was connected to many via social media, we hadn’t had the opportunity to meet.

“We have Carsten Rubelling on the trombone, Randy Hutchings on vocals and acoustic guitar, Dempsey Bolton on vocals and keyboard. We also have features from a variety of artists including Lyrique, A.Y.E., Rondel Roberts, Transit22, Amy Bishop and more, and the kids at the very end. The compilation gave this song a whole new meaning I never could have imagined.”

The song’s subsequent official music video was shot in Calgary’s history Ramsay area, and features the NVRLND Arts Foundation, where it was recorded and mixed. “Individual video of each artist edited into one highlights our sense of community and togetherness through music,” BESD says.

“Our Love” is available now.

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