Broken Lines ‘The Dead and The Drunk’ campaign is live!

Publisher and developer PortaPlay are thrilled to announce that their free content update ‘The Dead and The Drunk’, for the critically acclaimed tactical turn-based game, Broken Lines, is now available for all players on Steam and GOG!

Are you capable of resolving a three-sided conflict against hordes of zombies as well as the ruthless army of the living? Broken Lines – The Dead and the Drunk will test even the most tactically brilliant player!

The undead will not stop until they have some fresh brains to feast on, and the surviving masked enemies are not much better, armed with superior in equipment and numbers, they don’t care if the dead have risen, they are going to hunt the surviving squad members no matter what. This seems like a one-way journey for our crew.

But hey, don’t give up just yet! The squad has access to a little something that will keep them going. Good old Dutch courage, gained by drinking a locally produced and highly flammable liquor that not only makes their stomachs warm but gives them a healthy dose of bloodlust and brute force. Who knows what the locals use when they brew this drink…

So make sure the squad is nicely drunk and charge into battle together.

We’ve got a pagan mystery to solve!

Broken Lines: The Dead and the Drunk features the same critically acclaimed tactical gameplay, with a tough new challenge added to the mix. In this three-way conflict, the soldiers will be facing hordes of enemies both old and new, with improved AI and spawning randomly in the levels, so no two playthroughs will be exactly the same. But don’t panic, the soldiers you control have new mechanics, weapons, and utilities to make use of as well. Experiment with the new Loadout system and revamped difficulty settings to your heart’s content – but no matter what you choose, and no matter how often your squad is nearly wiped, remember to keep calm shooting and carry on!

Broken Lines available on Steam, GOG, and Nintendo Switch™.

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