Bringing Back Nostalgic Synth-Pop, Coralcrown Return with ‘Fantasy’

“A shimmering, tactful dose of the sort of slickly produced, melodic indie pop”-GIGSLUTZ 


r748+0Jb03l7L8fIyTf9PJ6eBprQKnM4AAAAASUVORK5CYII=Artist: Coralcrown  

Release: Fantasy  

Release Date: June 21st  

Genre: Synth-Pop 


Bringing back thatnostalgic feel good synth-pop sound, Coralcrown makes his return with 80’s inspired synth-pop anthem ‘Fantasy’ June 21st, pulling influence from Tears for Fears, Two Door Cinema Club and The 1975, combining modern indie rock mixed with a heavy dose of 70’s and 80’s Disco.   


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The London based indie-disco musician has been releasing music since 2016. Starting as a bedroom personal project, Coralcrown, also known as Luis Gotor, began writing songs and exploring with different sounds. By early 2017 he started to record different tracks, shaping the sound of the project.  


wBV6fuyHullHAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==Coralcrown continuously delivers infectious melodies that bring the so uplifting vibe of music from the seventies and eighties while adding a modern indie twist. 


When discussing the writing process, Luis stated: “The lyrics came to me first, but when I read them back the tone was abit sad, and I prefer to create happy music people can dance to. I addeda really simple disco groove and then the synth bass and a funky guitarsound, and of course the most important element for me: those 80s synthsounds!” 


Coralcrown is set to release ‘Fantasy’ June 21st via CDBaby. 


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