Breana Marin Releases Captivating New Track “Back Burner”

Las Vegas, NV – Breana Marin has released her new single “Back Burner,” which details the difficulties of a partner worrying about the wrong things. The gifted R&B/pop  artist who has written for the likes of Fifth Harmony, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, and many others drew inspiration for this song from an experience with someone who was paying too much attention to things that were less important than the present. The new track is now available to stream and download worldwide.

“‘Back Burner’ captures the emotions I was feeling at a time where the person I was with felt as if they needed to make more money, be more successful and accomplish specific goals before we could move our relationship to the next level,” says Marin regarding her newest single. The track is an empowering, relatable offering that pairs Marin’s one-of-a-kind soulful vocals with a catchy, upbeat instrumental. Right from the beginning, she treats listeners to a smooth and intoxicating melody that piques your interest while telling a story that plays out like vignettes of a relationship that we’re all too familiar with: the struggle of trying to keep something afloat while expressing your concerns. “I felt as though I was being pushed aside and that my partner wasn’t living in the present because he was too focused on who he thought I needed him to be, when all I really wanted was to grow together here and now in the present,” she explains. Such difficulties are something that listeners can relate to, and as with much of her music, the songstress aims to use this song to inspire and empower fans who deal with similar issues. According to the artist, she began working on the song at home with “simple chords and drum loops” before dbmagic (engineer for Mary J Blidge, Jeremih, T.I) became involved with the project. The final product is a harmonious melody that perfectly captures the essence of the narrative being told.

Breana Marin’s passion for music started at a young age when she sang along to songs on the radio and eventually progressed into songwriting. It was in college where Marin truly blossomed and eventually began making a name for herself creating hip-hop hooks for indie artists. She is now well known for her iconic hooks and songwriting, as evidenced by her contributions to artists such as Fifth Harmony, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, and more. She is also one of the top-performing artists on the Beatstars platform, with her hooks bringing in 6 figures in revenue as well as millions of views on YouTube. Her smooth, ethereal vocals have been inspired by the likes of Sade and Imogen Heap. Marin is also the founder and CEO of Love Pulse Music whose mission is to “give aspiring artists and musicians a new approach to the music industry.” It’s clear from her most recent release, “Work,” that Marin is making an impact in the industry that will create ripples and waves for years to come. Sounds So Beautiful beamed that she “…occupies the space with a refined vocal performance that fruitfully complements her songwriting.”

“Back Burner” is available now to stream or download on all platforms. For more information or to follow Breana Marin’s journey, visit @itsbreanamarin on Instagram.