BoyCoupon Releases New Single “OHWELL”

Los Angeles, California — Genre-lavish duo BoyCoupon has released their newest single, “OHWELL.” On the heels of their single, “Play me like a Game, Boy,” this latest endeavor displays a much moodier and cathartic approach to production and lyrics. Characterized by a syncopated bass line with poignant vocal melodies, the track is a perfectly planned collision of textured funk-inspired electro-pop influences. “OHWELL” is now available to download and stream worldwide.

The sci-fi synthpop dreamscape that is “OHWELL,” serves as a perfect introduction to the duo comprised of William Morse (vocals, guitar, piano) and Herbie Brewton (production, bass, drums, guitar). The genre-fluid dyad pulls inspiration from an overflowing cup of music knowledge and mastery to create a decadent listening experience that resonates with you long after the song’s conclusion. Refusing to be bound by the rules of music creation and production, BoyCoupon included another form of niche media on the track: anime. A rap sequence from Netflix’s Devilman Crybaby is sampled mid-song, “It snaps the attention of the listener right into the palms of our hands before descending into the song’s mountain-tall synth chords. Within this ebb and flow progression is a deeper telling of a love story, painting a desolate image of love’s absence met with a resolved ‘oh well,’” explains BoyCoupon.

Louisiana natives Herbie Brewton and William Morse are no strangers to experimenting with different musical tastes and styles. Formed like a phoenix from the ashes of a previous band, longtime friends Brewton and Morse joined forces to create a musical sphere of their own design. With their catalog ranging from wistful, bedroom-pop hooks to grimy, fast-paced drum’n’bass sequences to epic waves of cinematic ambiance, no musical stone is left unturned by this virtuous group.

Stream “OHWELL” on all platforms now to immerse yourself in its catchy, groovy beats and wistful, bittersweet subject matter, creating a truly unique and emotionally-nuanced listening experience. Follow BoyCoupon on Instagram @_boycoupon.