Black Collar Union new song Gone Wrong is out Now!

Black Collar Union new song Gone Wrong is out now! Gone Wrong is a theme for people that takes have fallen into a hole during a hard ship that makes it hard to dig themselves out. You know what though….they do dig themselves out! They don’t give up, they give it 110 percent in order to succeed and then just celebrate. Black Collar Union digs deep to bypass the storm and bring you the song Gone Wrong. The music from the band just feels like a retaliation for the year 2020 which feels so good. A song for the people out there and I enjoy this song so much!

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Gone Wrong is an anthem for the people who refuse to give up, no matter what life decides to throw at them. Salt-of-the-earth types, that work hard & love harder. 

Available to stream on Spotify & Apple Music. Watch the video now on YouTube.

They wake up every day knowing they’re going to face some real shit, but still get up to meet the day. Putting a burden on themselves by placing other people’s needs before their own yet never expecting recognition for it.

The main statement of this story is, standing tall, despite it all, ’cause that’s just who I am.

Been through it before, so show life what you got.

We see you, we get it & we’re with you. 

No matter what the day throws at you, keep your head up & keep swinging.

Black Collar Union 

Josh Belliveau & Matt D’Alvise & Dave Ens

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