Bigfoot Famous File Review

Bigfoot Famous is a film by Sam Milman and Peter Vass a story about a YouTuber named Coley (Steph Barkley). Coley and her boyfriend Jericho (Sam Milman) are hot Youtube stars on the rise only to find Coley burn fade.

Trying to keep up and find a spark to make her viral again Jericho hears of a major Bigfoot sighting. Coley gets a bright idea that how she will make her comeback. Only to put herself and Jericho in a real bad spot. Hiring a guide and Bigfoot expert they head out to find Bigfoot.

Things fall apart fast and leave one dead and some choices are made that will have some dire results. Coley pushes on to find her chance to get back in the spotlight. Will she find that spark or will it blow up on her?

Bigfoot Famous is a funny look at what people will try to do to go viral. Overall at moments, funny this film is a little too off the wall for my taste. I give this one a 6 out of 10 the story is ok and really looks at what people are willing to get that viral moment. The drive to be famous is real and brings out the bad and good in some.