Beautifully Fanciful Turn-Based Deck-Building Roguelite, Neoverse, is Now Available on Xbox Game Pass

With over 250k Steam downloads and overwhelmingly positive user reviews, this popular PC game extends to console for a whole new crop of players!
Seoul, Korea — December 17, 2020 – Korean developer Tino Games Inc. and publisher SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM, hereinafter referred to as “SKT”) today announced that tactical deck-building roguelite, Neoverse, is now available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Neoverse marks the first game title published by SKT.

The world of Neoverse is a fantastical foray into the deck-building action roguelite genre where your strategy is more important than your luck. Neoverse features three unique characters with an assortment of costumes, hundreds of cards and skills and teems with strategic choices and flashy tactics at critical crossroads in the game.

Adventure through a legendary tale that leaps through the past and the future, fighting to save the Neoverse in a never-ending procession of choices and battles. Start by choosing one of three characters, each with special abilities that will shape your journey and dictate everything from what cards you can access for your deck to monsters you will face and where and when your quest will lead you. In addition to gaining cards and battle skills along your path, with each boss you defeat you can earn valuable rewards to purchase gear for your character and unlock more powerful items and skills the further you progress.

“The launch of Neoverse on the Xbox Game Pass comes as a result of our efforts to introduce competitive games created by Korean developers to gamers throughout the globe,” said Cho Jae-yoo, Vice President and Head of Cloud Game Division at SKT. “By offering a mesmerizing experience, we expect Neoverse to gain positive reception from the Xbox Game Pass subscribers, just like its Steam version did when it launched a couple of months ago.”

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About SK Telecom

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SKT boasts unrivaled leadership in the Korean mobile market with over 30 million subscribers, which account for nearly 50 percent of the market. The company now has 48 ICT subsidiaries and annual revenues approaching KRW 17.7 trillion.

About Tino Games Inc.

Based in Seongnam-si, Korea, Tino Games Inc  is a development studio specializing in strategy games on PC and console. Their newest title, Neoverse, launched successfully on Steam in 2020 and is now available on the Xbox Game Pass.