Bake ‘n Switch on Sale this Week on Steam for 35% Discount – Buy Now and Save some Dough!

Get the a’dough’rable couch co-op game today and get those buns a’baking in preparation for upcoming DLC, single-player mode and seasonal events!

Streamline Games are listening to community feedback and want to give you the best bun-baking extravaganza possible! From September 21-28th Bake ‘n Switch will be on sale on Steam for the 35% discount to make it even easier for you to challenge your friends and family in online multiplayer dough-slinging matches. If lockdown and social distancing is keeping you physically away from friends and loved ones, why not beat their buns in online Bake ‘n Switch battles??

Play as one of six elite Bakers – Ginger, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Salt or Sage – and work together in co-op or against each other in PvP and Team v Team levels to fend off the Mouldies and wrangle those pesky buns into the oven. Over 100 fast-baking levels through the delectable lands of Tropic Toaster and Serradurra await you, with upcoming single-player mode and seasonal events to sweeten the deal. Buy Bake ‘n Switch today and #getbaked!

Visit the new Bake ‘n Switch website to stay up on the latest news, including FREE expansion packs and DLC coming as soon as October 2020 and beyond, so that your #getbaked journey never gets stale!

About Streamline Games 

Streamline Games is Southeast Asia’s largest independent, multi-platform game development studio focused on creating and supporting full-scale video game productions from indie to AAA. Built upon long-term co-development partnerships, past major clients include Square Enix and Sony. Bake ‘n Switch is Streamline Games’ upcoming title launching on PC and console platforms. STREAMLINE GAMES is part of the Streamline Family of companies, which include STREAMLINE STUDIOS and ALL PIXELS. For more information, please visit

About Streamline Media Group 

Streamline Media Group is a global video game services company and independent publisher present in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Working through its business divisions, Streamline Studios, All Pixels by Streamline, Streamline Games, Streamframe, and Day Zero by Streamline, Streamline Media Group creates original games, technology, and solutions that gamers love and the industry relies upon. For more information, please visit