AVTR’s own Tera Bang Drops her debut singled called All About Me! Man oh man, here is a song where its all about having fun! Tera Bang’s new song All About Me is showcased in an exciting view as a 3D animated lyric video. You are given a view of how Tera Bang calls in sick and then takes everyone on a fun trip for her “day off”. Throughout the song, the trip is taking everyone to Santa Monica Mall and being spontaneous. I enjoyed how her voice is showcased with some classy pop beats right along side of her. The video is so freaking awesome! I enjoyed how she described how to get out of work so everyone can go to the mall.  I enjoyed jamming to this song and can’t wait to hear more!

watch here:

Press info:

In ‘All About Me,’ Tera makes her debut to the dance-pop canon with a carpe diem attitude inspired by Ferris Bueler’s Day Off. The song’s uptempo brings the energy of the dancefloor to the housebound listening experience of the “new normal” with smooth, candypop melody and classic pop beat. The cut represents a positive and confident way of looking at life as a free spirit and motivating yourself to get out there to accomplish what you want.

The song’s lyrics describe a hardworking young woman by opening with ‘calling in sick in the morning, cos tonight I want to play’ then ‘every day and night I know how to put the work in so today I’ll make it rain.’ It then moves onto a chorus ‘it’s all about me’ and we gain a sense of female empowerment with ‘just relax, be cool and act like you’re the one who makes the rules.’ The production is upbeat and infectious with attention-grabbing vocals and a punchy bassline mixed with guitar vibes, creating the perfect ‘Girls Night Out’ anthem for any occasion.

The lyric video shows Tera modeling in a photographer’s warehouse studio with lyrics painted on the brick wall in a trendy, graffiti style. Tera wears three different outfits designed and sold by upcycled fashion company tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise. Since Tera’s appearance with the other AVTR group members at Helsinki Fashion Week 2020, Tera is taking up the cause of sustainable fashion.

Although Tera Bang is a virtual music artist, the people who stand behind her brand aspire to impact our interconnected world through championing ethical, eco-sensible brands and community leaders.

Panjandrum.ai Inc develops virtual music artists, with its first project being the avatar girl music group AVTR. All four members of AVTR will release their group song, ‘Queen,’ with a full 3D music video later this fall.