Artist Of The Month June 2019

On our 4 year anniversary of doing Artist of the Month, we want to showcase to you, the fans, a name that you won’t forget. This man has been breaking down barriers in the cosplay community in a matter of a few months that he has been cosplaying. His cosplays are straight out of the comics and even gives those images a run for their money.

For our 4 year anniversary, our latest Artist of the Month for June 2019 is Claude Xavier

Claude Xavier is a cosplayer and model from San Antonio, TX. One of the most surprising things out there is that he hasn’t completed his first year of cosplay yet. He just started cosplaying and his creativity has blossomed into a fast success so far. This year, he will be a special guest at a few Texas comic cons and has been featured on an article by SyFy Channel.


Photo By Warrior Pose Photography


His fierce attitude towards creating a perfect cosplay is shown in each pose, each hand built article of his cosplay attire. He and his wife are doing a great job building some wicked cosplays that not only leave you wondering if he just jumped out of a comic book but how he created that cosplay. The creativity shown by Claude, even though he is just starting out, is very professional that makes it seems he has been doing this for years!


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