Artist of the Month February 2020

Music contains multiple stories inside of songs sung by artists. The stories are chapters in people’s lives where at times, you the viewer will book mark it in order to learn more and more later on. This next artist has volumes of books bursting of stories that she will showcase through her music. She will tell those stories through her words, through her beats, and through the sounds of her voice.

We like to announce our Artist of the Month for February 2020 is Bailey Coats


Bailey Coats is a singer and songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama; where her volumes of stories are being explored by the masses. She showcases a sincerity in her music that brings out multiple emotions into the music when she sings her songs. She has traveled to many festivals around California to Florida and letting the fans listen to those songs.

You can find more of Bailey’s music down below and follow her on social media!



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