Apex Legends Xbox One Review

Apex Legends

By Juan M Carrillo

Talk about a game that came and took the world by storm, Apex legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn entertainment and published by non-other then EA. Which after all the controversy that surrounded EA in the past year it was shocking to say the least when Apex Legends become an instant success. Fallowing the series of TitanFall, Apex Legends takes place in the same universe though I’m not sure if it has any connections to the actual series or if it fits within TitanFall’s time-line. The game is full of lure but not much of narrative, we are introduced to the “Legends” a group of soldiers each with its own unique background and skills. Which each game you learn a little bit more of each legend through their “quips” little bits of dialogue before, during and after each game.

Like most other battle royales it takes place in a large single map, filled it weapons and attachments, buildings and cover. Each squad is made of three players made up three different legends. Which is unique since each legend has their own special abilities, meaning the squad can not be made up of the same legend. Meaning a player cannot favor one or the other since the players get to pick their legend at random. Once the legends are chosen one member is chosen to be the jumper master at random. Like many battle royales you must pick which locations is best suited for you and your squad to land in to ensure victory. Keep in mind however since other squads may also pick the same location. Throughout the map you will find various weapons and aids to best suit your game play with different color coordinated levels common, rare, epic, and legendary. These combine with your legend ensures that no game is ever the same.

Its hard to find anything wrong with the game, the shooting mechanics are very smooth, each transition is very well done the art and character design are both interesting and pleasing. While at the same time I do wish somethings were a tad different but not enough that I think is worth mentioning since its based on my own since of game play. On one note however I really hope EA doesn’t pull a Star Wars on us. Since I don’t think it’s a play to win type of game, but it very well could be. At the start of the game they are two legends that are not unlock, now you can play and earn points to unlock them or pay real money to do so. Since each Legend has their own abilities it could easily fall into that realm however its up the player to use each legend to its potential. And with more legends soon to come it could throw the game out of balance.

Overall Apex Legends is a game that I am having a hard time putting down, its solid game play is simple enough yet challenging that makes it fun and It doesn’t feel like most first-person shooters. its lure connected to a well establish franchise is something different but not unheard of even though very little is known about its connection to each other. For a company that faced many troubles in the past year to deliver such a game that just blew up is just incredible in my option. Despite what your feelings for EA are I highly recommend Apex Legends. Honestly, I can say without a doubt that it’s the most fun I have had playing a first-person shooter since the days of COD MW2.



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