Antlion Audio ModMic USB Review

Antlion Audio has a new product where you are now the masters of your headphones. My children and I enjoy our headphones as we enjoy listening to music from our favorite artists and sounds from our favorite games. Our headphones are limited as we can only hear from it and not to be used to for such as chatting on Zoom or with our friends during those intense battles in games. Antlion Audio heard our call for action and they have a new product to subside that situation.

Mod Mic is an attachable mic for people who just have headphones that need that additional mic perk. You just peel off the sticker off the mic, attach it to one of your headphones, then connect your headphones and mic to the usb connector to your pc and then have fun. Simple and easy! We were able to try this out on my son’s headphones and give it a full test while he played Roblox!

Here is our review:

Disclosure: We received this product to be included in our Holiday Gift Guide 2020. This review is part of the Holiday Gift Guide with an honest opinion. 


Instant Mute:

With mics, we are wary on what we say throughout the time we use them. There are times we need to step away to handle something but don’t need the world to hear it. The ModMic comes with its own built in to mute your mic with a touch of a button. The mic’s red LED will shine to let you know that the mic is now muted which makes it easier to know that it is working.

USB Enhanced:

Your able to connect this mic to your PS4 or computer to use for broadcasting, gaming, and of course podcasts. This is good as it helps you explore a new world online where you can meet new friends, stream on Twitch and communicate with your community. My son was able to talk to his little cousin on ZOOM while they explained to each other on what to do for Roblox.


Mic Pairing with Headphones:

On our first try, the mic failed to be held by the headphones from its glue connector. The mic did come with extra pieces to use to connect again to the headphones. I was able to replace that part and connect the mic to the headphones. It worked like a charm but I didn’t like that I had to use the backup piece in order to use the mic for the first time.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

After getting it fully installed, my son used the mic on his headset like it was another day to have fun. The mic was able to mute when he left to get a juice and the USB connection worked very well as he can talk to family members on ZOOM very clearly. After the mic didn’t want to pair with the headphones the first time, we replaced it with the additional backup piece it came with then it worked like a charm. After a few times he dropped his headphone, the mic held its own and stayed paired with the headphones. The ModMic is something very unique for individuals that want to have that full headset capabilities but don’t want to have multiple headphones. We will be looking at more ModMic’s for the whole family!

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