Aloha Shaved Ice X Fruit Cups X More Blanco Rd Review

I enjoy getting a raspa preparado at those shops that provide various flavors to ease your sweet tooth. I enjoy going around San Antonio to find places that can not only fulfill your sweet tooth but provide an experience. My family and I were able to venture to Aloha Shaved Ice off of Blanco Rd and West Avenue to check out this spot. My family and I not only were able to experience this place but felt memories were made. I decided to do a quick review of this place and hope more people come by and experience the food at Aloha Shaved Ice! A fun memory will be made!


Here is our review:


  • Big Portions
    • This was my family and I’s first time coming to this place and from watching other customer’s reactions to their items, it was awesome. The portions from nearly every piece was pretty damn big even when you ask for a small cup. I felt they stuffed that baby really good until you get what you paid for. My daughter got the Rainbow large shaved ice cup and my son got the small strawberry shaved ice with gummy bears. Both with different cup sizes still showed how large they are with the way they mastered on filling the cup with various portions.
  • Unique Variety
    • I saw some interesting creations they have at their store! One of them that caught my eye was corn in the cup but with hot Cheetos infused in there. I was like oh my! I did get corn in the cup for myself but I knew that my next venture to the store, I must try that out. They had other creations including chopped pickle into a snow cone and Takis with hot cheese. I may have to do multiple ventures back in order to get more items to try. The corn in the cup was phenomenal by the way!
  • Nice
    • The workers there were very nice to you once you walk in until you exited the store. They would let you know which pieces of your order is done, they say thank you and they gave extra napkins as well. I felt like I was part of the family there and they wanted to make sure I left with a smile on my face. With my mask on, they may not have seen how big my smile was but it was very big! Very larger than life smile!
  • Clean and Organized
    • When you first walk in, there are signs to show you where to stand and where to go to start your order. I felt very safe here and noticed this kept everyone organized. The world is scary right now with the pandemic but Aloha employees have a system that kept people safe and secure through their organization for lines. They were very clean well as I watched them wiping off table tops and areas where food is handled.



Rating: 10 out of 10

Aloha Shaved Ice off of Blanco Rd is a nice escape from the terrors of the world. The employees create out of this world food to please the mind and the soul. My family and I felt accepted and like family of their own as they got our order out safely but with love. I will be coming back again as I already have a few mental notes of which items to order next but everything looked fantastic.


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