Introducing Thunderhead Guardians, the Hulking Giants with an Attitude Problem 

Baltimore, MD – July 28th, 2020 – Independent games publisher Versus Evil and developer RUNWILD Entertainment today revealed Thunderhead Guardians, one of the many deadly adversaries appearing in their forthcoming third person co-op online action RPG, Almighty: Kill Your Gods.

These gigantic guardians can be deadly up close with their armoured fists and crushing size, not to mention these lethal giants also come armed with a devastating death beam they fire from a head mounted crystal. Thunderhead Guardians are some of the more fearsome behemoths of Almighty: Kill Your Gods but they are not without their weaknesses, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Versus Evil also revealed today that the game had smashed its Steam Wishlist target in less than a week since it was revealed on The Guerrilla Collective, the online digital games festival in June.

“Reception to Almighty: Kill Your Gods has been incredible and the Steam Wishlist goal we had originally set for the first month was exceeded in several days.” Said Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil. “This year’s line up of announcements from indies has been really inspiring but we’re humbled that fans have taken so well to Almighty: Kill Your Gods as they have.” He added.

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About Almighty: Kill Your Gods

Created by Welsh based developer RUNWILD Entertainment, Almighty: Kill Your Gods is the studios’ first original IP.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is an action RPG where you take on the persona of an Alpha, the first amongst your kind, a magical warrior infused with the power of your ancestors, reborn to take a stand for your tribe against the tyranny and oppression of the Elder Gods. Run as a lone wolf or team up as a pack with friends or players you dynamically encounter online whilst exploring in seamless co-operative play.

Developer RUNWILD Entertainment and Versus Evil previously reveal more about the inner workings of the game during the recent Guerrilla Collective showcase with this gameplay and developer commentary video here.

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About Versus Evil

Founded in 2013, Versus Evil, LLC is the US based video game publisher behind critically acclaimed video games Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and The Banner Saga trilogy. Publishing games on all major mobile, PC and console platforms, Versus Evil works with independent development studios from around the world. The corporate philosophy is to champion for the independent game developer. For more information visit

About RUNWILD Entertainment

RUNWILD Entertainment is a Welsh games development studio based out of Caerphilly in South Wales, founded in September 2016 by a small team of veteran game developers.

Their mission is to pioneer multiplayer experiences where players can share adventures in an emergent and seamless way, make connections and have fun whilst doing it.​

Almighty: Kill your Gods is their first original title and is being developed for PC and consoles.