ALEX FERNÁNDEZ Reinvents The Rules Of Mariachi With His Version Of The Romantic Classic “EL PRIVILEGIO DE AMAR”

Immersed in a new phase of his career, the third-generation ranchera singer Alex Fernández releases “El Privilegio de Amar,” the second single from his forthcoming sophomore album, which will continue to shape the emerging legacy he unveiled on his debut LP Sigue la Dinastía (2019).

Reinventing the rules of mariachi by adding elements of brass banda, Alex gives a personal touch to the romantic classic originally released in 1998 by the Mexican singers Mijares and Lucero. For the production of this song and other tracks on the upcoming album, Alex worked with Calibre 50 frontman and songwriter Edén Muñoz, who was recently named Songwriter of the Year by SESAC Latina.

Alex emphasizes that he is remaining true to his roots, yet spurring his musical legacy on to new places: “We are taking things in a very different direction from what we had been, and I’m glad it’s coming out in the music videos as well.”

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The music video was filmed at Sayula Lake in Guadalajara, Jalisco, under the direction of Christian Schmidt. As he reminds us, “this is where I’m from and I am pleased to be showing it off in this new era of my career.”

“El Privilegio de Amar” is the follow-up single to “Buscando el Olvido,” which was our first glimpse of Alex’snew style. It recently hit #1 on monitorLATINO’s Regional Mexican chart in Mexico, which is based on airplay from over 700 radio stations. Furthermore, Alex opened for his famous father Alejandro Fernández on his recent Hecho en México US tour, which concluded on October 24 in Phoenix.

Soon, Alex will release more music from his Edén Muñoz sessions as he continues crafting a unique style and living up to his nickname as The Heir to the Mariachi Throne.