A Simple Favor Movie Review

A Simple Favor stars Anna Kendrick as Stephaine and Blake Lively as Emily. A very unlikely friendship starts between the two via there kids wanting a play date. Stephine a mommy blogger who is over-involved in son class and socially awkward. Emily is the complete opposite she works for a high profile fashion designer in the city. Attitude and a don’t mess with me vibe she is a handful, to say the least. They start to hang out more and start to learn each’s other’s dirty little secrets. Emily asks Stephaine for a Simple Favor to pick up and watch her son she’s stuck meetings. This becomes a regular thing as Stephaine thinks she becoming best friends with Emily. Until one day she does not come to pick up her kid Stephaine reaches out to Emily husband who was also out of town. Together they contact the police this is the start of a mommy who will go to the end of the earth to find her lost friend.
In her search, she comes to find out she didn’t even know her friend at all not even her husband knew what she would uncover. Stephaine comes face to face with lies and a hidden past that is shocking to her as well falls to a diabolical plan.

For this movie was a great story with a ton of drama and sex lies and betrayal with Anna Kendrick’s comical relief she added a layer to the story as well Blake Lively mysterious “beautiful ghost” quote from her husband in the film is spot on. The two made for an entertaining combo on screen and the mismatch of the two as friends sell the story.
Fans of crime dramas and murder mysteries will like this film. I enjoyed the humor in this film from the trailer I knew Anna would be funny but at the screening, people were not expecting the humor.