Oh yes! This issue is a good one! Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #4 is pretty damn good! We start off to see a new story brewing where a retirement home is taking their residents to the local casino. One of those residents just doesn’t want to be there. We learn in this issue that this resident is the grandmother of Sunstar! We read as she had a rough time at that retirement home and is on the verge of being kicked out. With the help of Jesus and his story of forgiveness, she is given one more shot.

While that is happening, Sunstar starts to think about the times he bullied a future evildoer while in the high school. This evil doer then attempts to destroy the planet through earthquakes while he is in the moon. Sunstar makes an attempt to stop him but other things are happening down below. A disciple of Jesus may take a trip to Heaven faster than originally planned.

I have to say, this is a pretty good issue. We learned more about Sunstar and his arch nemesis had a past and most likely transpired because of Sunstar’s bullying. Jesus says its ok to forgive and ask forgiveness in those times in need and Sunstar looked back on those words. Again, the art is fantastic in this issue and has always been fantastic. This is a pretty good read with a twist of an ending!

Issue Rating: 9 out of 10

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(W) Mark Russell

(A) Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk

Cover: Richard Pace


Resolicited from April 2021: in the series Smash Pages called “controversial — and also funny, touching and just plain awesome,” it’s Jesus to the rescue when a bureaucracy menaces Sunstar’s grandmother. Meanwhile, millions of lives are threatened by a villain Sunstar bullied in high school. PLUS: new AHOY prose stories & pictures.


September 1, 2021