Greed is a huge topic in this next issue of Second Coming: Only Begotten Son. We will read 2 stories that are intertwined in issue #3 of Second Coming: Only Begotten Son! I have to say this issue is fantastic from beginning to end! The reader is shown the many faces of greed and how manipulation is done throughout history. First, we see the crusaders sack Jerusalem and then try to find ways to make money off it. Then, we watch the CEO of the business park try to recruit Jesus to be part of their money making scheme.

One minor story that in this issue is how worried Sunstar is for his son to be born into this world. He is worried about how his enemies will go after his son in order to get to him. The part that got me in the emotional feels is he was implying to the therapist that his son will enter this world protecting it throughout his own life and not having a life he chooses. I was like damn that is for real man!

The story was really good in this one as it had you scratching your chin and just thinking of everything showcased in this issue. The art is fantastic as always in this series with those picture perfect images on each page. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue!

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(W) Mark Russell

(A) Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk

Cover: Richard Pace


The CEO of a religious-themed business tries to pull Jesus into his operation; an ancient church relic incites greed through the ages; Sunstar fears for his unborn son.

Also featuring illustrated bonus stories in the AHOY tradition.


July 21, 2021