Second Coming Book Review

A story to sit down and bridge your mind of what you thought you learned by reading history. You look at this book from a perspective as a source of strength and weakness in a person. Second Coming is a comic book where you hear a summary of what the story is but doesn’t even come close to it to the actual story. You will have to sit down and take the time to read the book and not to judge it by its cover.

Sunstar reminds me of a causal person, with the world in his hands yet human when his flaws are shown to the public. He wants to do good but just fails because of some of the things he does. Jesus Christ is there for him and not only gives him perspective but helps him overcome failings that to him are what he believes are his strengths but in reality are his weaknesses.

I really enjoyed reading the stories and following on each character as they grew beyond the pages. They all  believed that they are the ones making things better for the people around them. In reality, they are making it worst decisions and they need each other to build themselves in a better light.

You can find Second Coming out now in comic book stores and bookstores on March 10.