Interview with GIA G

Today, we sat down with GIA G to talk her start in music, her fav music she digged growing up and much more! Be sure to check out her latest tracks and social media below after the interview!


How did you get your start in music?

Hi , well i used to a lot of my parents records , had a fascinating with music

What type of music did you listen to while growing up?

All kinds , from Frank Sinatra , To Elvis Presley , The Beattles , Bee Jees ,  Ledzepplin , Aerosmih Queen , , Black Sabbath, DIO , Iron Maiden Vna Halen , Jimi Hendrix , Jeff Beck,  Metallica ,  Tool , The Police list goes on

What are fun stories you can share while you’re in the studio recording music?

Some fun Stories lol,  well  so many recordings and i have my own home comercial studio in my house , but there was one incident back in my old band in my old studio , we were practicing and the drummer and bass player gott in an argument , well the bass player jumped over the drum set and attacked the drummer lol


What is your latest song or album you can share with us?

My new release that just came out with Slip Trick  Records ,   titled   Cosmic Wave ,  Its a 3 song Instrumental EP , with tthe single being released first with the music video called Cosmic Wave

Where can our fans find you on social media for any music updates?

Οh  Pretty easy , i have  the GIA G Facebook music page ,  my 2 social pages on there  Gia Federico  and Gia Federico II   my fanpage on fanpage on facebook entitled  Gia Federico Fanpage group,  also my other project  Devil In The Mist Facbook page ,  im on twitter under  GIA @SALIN606    Instagram, Reverbnation , linked in Youtube , Myspace,   i have a new officaial websitte at