Happy Hour #1 Comic Book Review

When your walking down the street, you see everyone around you with huge smiles. They are smiling for all types of reasons such as walking the dog, tripping over a rock, or even dropping their favorite cake slice on the floor. This would look odd in today’s America, but in future America, it’s the law! Peter Milligan and Michael Montenat bring you a new comic where your going  to hesitate to smile in certain situationsn. Your going to see an alternative America…may not seem so alternate after all.

In this issue, you start off with a few college students sitting around talking about Plato and happiness. As they are conversing, a group of officers attack the students and arrests them. One student asks why are they being arrested and it seems being miserable has just been declared against the law. 10 years later, one of the characters named Jerry was in a car accident as he was being happy of one of his relatives having a few days to live. He wakes up in the hospital, feeling sad and finds out how things are in that day and age. Since he isn’t happy or smiling, he was sent away in order to become happy again. While he is at this center, he meets Kim and Hamm. They slowly talk about their own stories and how they are trying to survive being unhappy. A more sinister situation happens at the end of the comic where you go “oh No!”

A very interesting take in the comic story as it caught me off guard. When I first read it, I didn’t understand why they were so happy and why the situation at the beginning was happening. After another read through, I see what the writer was getting at and gave me a perspective on where they are heading to in the story. I can’t wait until the next issue comes out in order to see what happens next.

Get the issue here: https://comicsahoy.com/comics/happy-hour-1


(W) Peter Milligan

(A/C) Michael Montenat


First issue! In future America, being happy isn’t just a right—it’s the law. While the Joy Police brutally enforce the cheery code, two young people go on the run, searching for a haven of melancholy where they can safely bask in the blues. A timely tale by superstar writer Peter Milligan (X-Statix, The Prisoner) and artist Michael Montenat (Dominion, Hellraiser Annual).

All AHOY titles feature extras: prose, pictures, and, perhaps, poems!


November 4, 2020