Grim Dawn Definitive Edition Xbox Series S Review

The dead are rising again! Get your weapons ready! Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition is out now for the Xbox! Claw your way against the undead and rescue survivors and gain more intel of what is going on.

The game was recently ported with DLC from pc to console. We were able to play this game on our Xbox Series S. I had to say I never had so much fun playing a console game in a long time. I have been quite familiar with Grim Dawn and glad to see it on the Xbox. I’m doing a quick overall review as I don’t want to spoil much but would rather have you enjoy and learn about the game. Experience the wealth of story and lore from this game.

Here is our review:


  • Console
    • The game finally came to console! I enjoyed playing the game on my laptop for about a year and glad it came out to play on console. I’m more of a console gamer than pc gamer (please don’t skin me alive) but I enjoyed it on my Xbox Series S.
  • Customization
    • One of my favorite aspects of the game is being able to upgrade nearly every part of your character’s gear. You can make your character decimate the undead with weapons of your choosing.
  • Story
    • At the beginning of the game, your character is being possessed by an evil demon that wants to traverse their realm and come back to Earth. They were able to rid the demon before the body died. You are then tasked to slash your way against the rising dead as more of them want to come to our world.


  • Text Is Small
    • I am used to sitting back on my chair where my TV is on the wall and just reading the text to know what is going on. Numerous of times, I had to stand up and walk close to my tv just to read the text. It was a tad bit blurry.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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