CyberPunk 2077 1.5 Update Xbox Series X/S Review

Next-Gen consoles got a real big treat! Cyberpunk 2077 just had their massive 1.5 update where this gave PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users the opportunity to enjoy the game as well. Once I got my code (early morning), I started my Xbox up and started to download. I didn’t even start the coffee machine yet as I was too hyper and excited to try this game out on my next gen console!

I was able to download the game to my Xbox Series S console a few days ago. The size wasn’t too bad as it was nearly 70 Gbs, and I had the space as well. I played the game while streaming on Twitch and I had a lot of fun. I did a review below but I have to say: GET THIS GAME NOW! Next Gen users need this game in their possession and game collection. I know we, next gen users, express frustration about the current state of limited games that fully use our consoles. The makers of this game not only utilized our next gen consoles with the update but its BEYOND COMPREHENSION of what we know of in next gen gaming!


  • Graphics
    • I never was speechless by the graphics of a game. I’m used saying how well done the art is for a game but never graphically on how it is portrayed. The graphic artists did a hell of a job with the graphics of this game! I was speechless and still am! There were times when playing the game, I would just be in awe and wouldn’t move.
  • Smooth Gameplay
    • The game utilized a lot of the next gen components to the point where the game was just so smooth. I didn’t experience any buffering or loss of FPS while playing the game. I would usually get dizzy while playing first person games but I didn’t after all. Everything ran so smoothly that I didn’t get motion sickness at all.
  • Multiple Stories
    • I just started playing the game in the Nomad storyline. I saw prior to choosing that one, there was 2 other stories to choose. I chose the Nomad randomly and started playing. I’m enjoying the story where you have to smuggle goods and upgrade your character throughout the game. I generally have a weird feeling for Jackie but I’m guessing its his personality.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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